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Hot Fudge Dispenser

Hot Fudge Dispenser with Pump

If you are someone who would like to make your own desserts at home or a convenience store then here is a great hot toppings warmer for your kitchen or business – hot fudge dispenser.

This dispenser made of stainless steel is an ideal product as it is a warmer and dispenser rolled into one. It helps to warm and dispense other thick condiments as well such as hot chocolate, caramel, melted cheese or hot butter thus making it a great companion in your kitchen experiments.


Warmer - Dispenser Benefits

This hot fudge dispenser has superior design qualities and some amazing features. The valve balls ensure that the hot fudge does not flow outside when you place it in the device. Helpful marker lines show you the maximum capacity above which it would overflow. The device can be used even in small scale cafes as it has a maximum capacity of 3qt.

The dispenser helps to prepare various desserts such as hot fudge sundae, hot fudge topped chocolate ice cream, hot fudge chocolate cakes, hot fudge brownies and even hot fudge sweet pies. You can also control the amount of material dispensed using different settings for the pump strokes. This adds to its use as a creative dessert making aide. The hot fudge warmer uses 500W, 120V power for its operations .

The hot fudge warmer is quite versatile and is one of its kinds as most other dispensers make a mess of dispensing thick liquids. Add to it, the fact that you would have to use different devices for warming your condiments and a different one to dispense it, leads to a messy kitchen and a lot of wastage. This hot toppings dispenser takes away all the hassles of dessert making by rolling the warming and dispensing process into one easy to use product.

The other advantages of the hot fudge dispenser include the fact that it is priced reasonably making it affordable for everyone. The fact that you only pay a couple of hundred dollars for this it makes it a compelling proposition for your kitchen needs. The hot fudge dispenser can be put to use in other areas as well and can be easily used as a caramel warmer, a chocolate warmer, a caramel dispenser, a chocolate dispenser and even as a pop corn butter dispenser or nacho cheese dispenser. Thus you can use it for desserts as well as snacks.

This hot fudge dispenser is also lightweight and the ease of use is enhanced by the fact that all settings can be manipulated by a few button clicks. The dispenser allows you to indulge your creative senses and helps to translate your imagination into reality.

Online Shopping

For further details about our product you can reach our customer service person using our toll free number. You can also place an order for this hot toppings dispenser and warmer online or over telephone. We supply it globally and the hot fudge dispenser can be ordered in bulk as well for your restaurants. For wholesale orders there would be a further discounted price thereby making it an even more attractive option. So go ahead and place your hot fudge dispenser orders right away.

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